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Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in the well-known erection pill Viagra. The manufacturer Pfizer was the first to market erection agents with this working ingredient.

How does it work?

Sildenafil reproaches the blood vessels, making an erection much easier to achieve. You will also have a more sensual sex experience thanks to good circulation.
Cheaper erection pills due to expired patent
Viagra’s patent expired in 2013. Thanks to the expiry of this patent, many generic Viagra alternatives have entered the market. These alternatives are usually much cheaper. Despite the fact that these alternatives are cheap to buy, it does not matter for the effectiveness of the product as long as the substance Sildenafil is present in its pure form and in the right amount.

Kamagra best known alternative to Viagra

Kamagra has become the leader of the erection pills of all Viagra alternatives. Thanks to its good efficacy and competitive price, this agent is extremely suitable for the treatment of erection problems.
Other known alternatives
Cenforce, Cobra and Sidalist are also well-known erection agents that have gained a well-known name in recent years.

The last named: Sidalist even contains two working file parts. Besides Sildenafil, this name also contains Tadalafil.

Difference Tadalafil and Sildenafil

The way these two products work is actually pretty much the same. They dilate the blood vessels and cause more blood to flow to the penis. Thanks to this increased blood flow to the penis, it is much easier to obtain and maintain an erection.